SM6-36 Switchgear

MV Air Insulated Switchgear up to 36kA

The modular SM6 is a range of air insulated harmonized cubicles up to 36kV and 30 years life span.
SM6 cubicles take the advantages of all the features of both a modern and reliable technology.

Schneider SM6
Schneider Electric partner

Al-HANDASYA for Electrical Industries is licensed by Schneider Electric to assemble MV units type SM6 for the Iraqi market.

SM6 switchgear can be assembled from different modules. The assembled modules can be:

  • Switch Unit (IM),
  • Fuse-Switch combination unit (QM)
  • Single-Isolation disconnectable circuit
    breaker unit (DM1-A)
  • Current and/or Voltage measurement
    unit (GBC-B)

Al-Handasya Co. has paid a special attention to the production line of SM6, and supported it with all the necessary modern technologies under a direct supervision from Schneider Electric, France.

Professional engineers & technicians had been hired to achieve the required level of quality in assembly process.

Download our SM6 Brochure