Mobile Substation

MV Substation up to 36kV

Mobile Substations are the perfect solution for providing temporary connection to the main electric grid, and provide temporary power feeding.

These substations consist of containers with electrical equipment inside, mounted on trailer of long vehicle for easy transportation.

They are design and prepared to be connected & operated in few easy steps.

Mobile substation
  • Mobile Substations provide solution for voltage levels up to 36kV
  • Assurance of high quality, safety and environmental standards.
  • Optimal solutions for high performance, efficiency, flexibility, reliability and low life-cycle cost.
mobile substation

Al-HANDASYA for Electrical Industries designed & built this mobile substation with the continuous support from Schneider Electric.

We supplied MOE – Al Karkh project with 3 mobile substations (designed & supervised by Schneider Electric) after passing all the required factory & MOE tests.

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