Outdoor Electrical House

The Electrical House (E-House) is a mobile integrated substation. It can contain Medium Voltage Switchgear, Motor Control Center, Transformer, UPS and building management & control systems.

Choosing the E-House means less cost for construction, installation and transportation, beside saving implementing and operating time.

The E-House is the ideal solution for site projects in different fields such as Oil, Building and industrial projects.

The E-House is equipped with all necessary equipment for operating & monitoring.

It’s designed so it’s easy & safe to move inside. It consists of separated and air conditioned sections, one of these sections is dedicated for the operator and equipped with loads mimic.


ANKEDO is an E-House designed & built by Al-HANDASYA for Electrical Industries. The design of ANKEDO is outdoor circumstances proofed and provided with a fire alarm system to ensure safety.

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